Saturday, February 21, 2009

akiholic wannabe...

orait...i admit it, i love architecture...but not the way those so called 'akiholic' does..
so i think maybe it's time for me to change yeah?
so 10 steps for me to become akiholic dude..hehe
1.move inside rather than live to let en. norman foster know i can come early to class...
(boleh ker??)
2.stay at studio...24/7 (yeah like 'pak guards' is my father..)
3.berbaik-baik dengan those akiholics (i admire them anyway...=p)
4.put a lot more tension in my brain...
5.think of As rather than A
6.khatam d.k ching setiap minggu
7.ulang ayat ini setiap malam "saya chenta architecture"
8.mengurangkan aktiviti2 tidak sepatutnyer...(ialah apa?)
9.feel it man..feel the site..feel the atmosphere..feel the drawing

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