Thursday, July 21, 2011


Kita, dunia dan isi-isi dalamnya kelak akan pergi
hancur dimamah tanah,
jadi memori akal atau satu puisi

Maka hiduplah kita seadanya kita
berjuanglah kita seadanya kita
sedang kita juga mengerti
Semua permainan duniawi ini akan pergi

Yang menguasai, yang dikuasai
Satu hari akan pergi.

Ini cuma barangkali,
Ini hukum duniawi

Hiduplah kita
Satu hari
kita semua pun akan pergi....


Monday, July 18, 2011


aku rindu.
wahai belog.

Friday, July 8, 2011

i voice out my opinion and you shouldn't hate me

this is draft first post.i should post it on july 2 actually.

i am a person who strongly believe everybody is entitled to their own opinion
and we, as the other person or human being should respect it, regardless what their physical sizes, hair colors, religion, races and matter what,where,when and who they are..

because i too believe, my Creator are the greatest, that He creates every person on earth or on mars different..different faces, and most importantly different minds.and who are we to insult Him?
no one.even if you don't believe in Allah existence, we are no one compared to other forces, greater than us.nature forces, technology forces, an army forces.oh sure we as the great 'human being' can create a tsunami shield, a greater than the latest ipad series, a weapon that can be launch by one person to bomb a battalion of an army..wey seriously..are we 100% sure that we are actually safe in that shield?that our latest technology are actually the latest one? (think that aliens movie lah wahai you) and hey, can you believe that person who launch the bomb aren't a traitor?see?

Ah i actually start to believe that Allah creates us all just to tickle our dull minds, dull senses that there are something greater than us, (no, no i'm not saying that i dont believe Allah create us as the most finest creature ever existed) its just that there are elements that when combine into ones, it can emerge our most delicate body, mind and soul ni la..something like winds and clouds, a movement and earth, a neutron and nuclear and much more (yep pikerla snirik),and yes my dear..human forces above all..are the most destructive weapon you shouldn't  underestimate.never.

So u get ke what my point is?

Please.respect others.u wouldn't know what they could turn into
Perhaps today they are no one to you
Tomorrow they are your bosses, your in laws, even your significant others!
And when that times come, would you by any mean refuse them?say 'no i HATE you' to them?

okay.ini memang berkaitan BERSIH-esok.i'm an entities benefit no one other than whole  23 years of life, I've been a pro government as long as i can remember <--back then when the only colour i see is blue-for u know,Barisan Nasional, during Tun's please dont associate my opinion as tak mengenang budi, tak tahu bersyukur, tak tahu akar umbi asal BERSIH itu apa..please don't.because i read, i see, i listen, and i trust my instinct true enough to be sure with what my heart told me.

so i felt like to voice out my opinion now.
these people, by people i mean those involve with 'Bersih'.who agree with the core of what Bersih fight for, not the person who lead it.I THINK they mean you no you, i mean us-rakyat,government,tourist, seller,and whoever affected tomorrow. they want to voice out for what they believe there is no reason we should scared of them,  by we, i mean we-rakyat,government,tourist, seller,and whoever affected tomorrow..

mengharamkan Bersih, cuma menyimbah api, menambah semarak,menimbulkan persoalan ketidakmatangan dalam berpolitik,mentadbir negara, these are things that i know our leaders are well aware but didn't care less or just being protective over the rakyat.(i know for sure no one hopes this perhimpunan, picket, demonstrasi whatever u may call it turn out disastrous, paralyzed the economy, jadi peristiwa berdarah) but yeah, thanks to you leaders, many more are joining it.

but hey..come to think of it,kalau benda-benda extreme je boleh menyedarkan mereka.why not kan?like me, who is a pro government for my whole life tu (motip nak isytihar lagi sekali) if this simple action can knock out some senses in their heads.let it be..if this can stop corruption in our system, let it be..if this can finally satisfied 'few' but majorities of Malaysian, why not?we are a democratic country afterall, we folllow noneother than the one and only Raja Berpelembagaan yeah?

so that's it.
i represent no one but me, myself and i..
i voice out my opinion and you shouldn't hate me. :)

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Songket Sutera

baby steps.
one at a time ey?

mintak dipermudahkan la,
dunya akhirah.
penat la gilaaa menekat benang di kain sutera..
kain songket would do.

and so i leave my life,my death n my destiny all to Allah
the most Gracious, far Exalted above what my dull brain knows.


(- -")

mood : ini bukan musim mengawan, ini musim serius.thinks Bersih, Kuning, Ambiga, Najib,A.Samad Said, PDRM,YDPA, weh.sangat banyak dan menarik untuk bukak kitab federal constitution rupanya :)

i've never been so into something macamni la gilaaa..haha.
i take it as a adventure of an introvert,
radikal bebas si kidal,
weh, orang muda.semangat memang berkobar-kobar ey? ;)
hehe soreyh.and what am i rambling about pagi-pagi ni.ngeh. 
HYPER la pulak.teehee :D

i've long waited for you!jiwa mudaku. :)
nice to meet you.
may our knot stronger than before, 
to keep me this world.
since u already blew my spirits back.
eh no, you are my spirit!jiwa mudaku :)
stay where you are.
till time bid us goodbye again.
till death do us apart. ( ingat kawen ka?ala.lebih kurang la..hehe)

dah la.bai!
serious shit i mcm high on something kan?ngiahaha
haah la kot. :)