Friday, September 23, 2011


currently i AM head over heels over this no..SWEETHEART to be exact (^_^)*

okay, i wont opt for that awan larat n white suit me better, THANKS.

gambar curik! :D

Friday, September 9, 2011

Selamat Hari Raya. Maaf Zahir & Batin :)

assalamualikum.. :)
oh hey september
so long. nothing much happened
oh ye

off high 'hantaran' on a par to one's certificate/s..i still think that was irrelevant though.apa.nak buat bayar ptptn ke duit hantaran tu?guys/girls/makcik/pakcik..please be reasonable.its 2011 la...cuba laa bukak mata sikit.marriage aren't just about that.aren't just about le granduer ceremony.most important thing supposedly be the 'akad', the families, the knot between two human being, the forge of two souls.and blood related if u get what i mean..of course u can demand for such RM15000 and above since ur daughter have a master in business or any other courses..but, but, would that guaranteed her lifetime happiness. okay i'm such an noob-odd-olskool person. i still think money cant buy you happiness regardless to where it can bring you to honeymoon ;p (ey, of course the matrimonial property concept are different LOL)

ok la..bebel panjang-panjang pun still tak dapat green light nak kawen juga lagi.ala jangan nak ckp saya gatal-gatal sgt la ye.apa?ingat senang nk jaga diri zaman penuh pancaroba, onak duri (ceh)..and all? susah.put ur feet in my 'post berubah' shoes. MasyaAllah, payah weh..yeah i put my hopes too high to one of my then-boyfriend before.this time around..i wont make it twice. either you are serious with me or you can go.enough.

10 Syawal
okay, i'm not suppose to write this..u know, how social media can be ur very own backstabber and what do we call it..tuan makan tuan?but yeah whatever..earlier today..i did post few complaints about my office mate through one of my social media network which i know is WRONG.but hey, i do have access to the internet at the office and so what?
so it is not good.not only i humiliated other human being but also me, myself and i (- -"),baik insaf.  
to encik yg berkenaan, jika anda baca ini.saya mintak maaf.mengumpat anda.

i'm having a very bad "mengidam bukaan" during my puasa ganti periods..muahaha.camntahpape puasa romdon tak gitu..puasa ganti melebih-lebih..nak buka kfc, nak buka maggi, nak buka cendol.mak aih...oh yea, i forgot,bulan puasa kan syaiton kena belenggu :P..padan lah now mengidam macem2..hee :D

(susun jari seploh)
mintak maaf zahir batin
forgive all my wrongdoings or in this context all my wrongspelling,wrongwords,wrong everything on which anda tak berkenan, terasa or whatever.
i admit that as human i'm full with flaws,and please do forgive me.
oh u did?
nah duit raya!

so till we meet again,
bye =)