Thursday, April 12, 2012


Its funny how jealousy can turn u whoopsie downsie, once u let it go, u actually start to move on and able to look the same situation with different perspective.and the jealousy u first felt will somehow turn into something extremely odd, and finally you can just laughing or smile at it..later,much later, when the green feeling (jealous i mean) came, trust me, u can smile, or maybe, just maybe, the green bubbles boil your head up but u can simply switch it with another feeling in a flick of me, but first of all, u have to let go,or give up or anything to put the jealousy may require a knock on ur head, or a significant event, or simply a practice of mediation...

Q : what if something that we did absent mindedly  is the one that put the extra kilos on our bad deeds in judgement day?

A : though i would love to say t'was ok, we wont go into hell cos we didn't realize we did that tapi, i still searching for the dalil to prove it, my brain ni sekarang,hmm.payah nak control.we need facts. (me and my brain)

Ah ye,Q & A is from yours truly :)

Statement : I want to be better.but better is hard, let alone the amount of 'steady' needed to put into it.I fail, many times.(eh bole ke many times??ahaha)