Sunday, October 23, 2011

Here goes every reasons to thanks Allah

1.i saw girls in their teen years wearing exactly the way i dress up few years back, and suddenly i pity myself..with every 'spare part' shown, haih, suddenly i resolve to spare guys some innocent sight.

2.never before people ask me to 'open table' or host a 'party' for my birthday, and guess what?i received those request this year!a lot of request so to say, hehe and mostly from men.sigh.what a gentleman (- -'), still..every reason to thanks Allah remember? how time flies and i were no longer a college's girl or high school drama queen that i earn my own money, manage my own bank account, i need to spare/spend some (whatever might suit your situation) for people around me, and walla.such an indie girl you izyan! (tepuk bahu sendiri) baby tooth finally decided to show up right after my 23rd birthday and yeay,it hurts like heaven..(pardon my sarcastic) phew..5 days and still counting, basuh dosa.insyaAllah, ameen ;),unlike my sister who have her 'baby tooth experience' when she was 19,in the middle of chaotic schedule of her STPM, she have to eat rice porridge for a week!imagine, perhaps, my Allah decided to let my baby tooth show up now to make me more stronger (or mature) to take the pain, yes, the feeling is unbearable, but i cant imagine how i would handle it if Allah puts me in my sister's shoes.might as well fail the exam.huho.

and yes, as life has taught me so far, it looks like i have every reason to complaint OR yet every reason to thanks my Creator Allah, for making my life so colorful and blissful despite the pain, the tears i had to taste...

and yeah,
segala puji bagi Allah,
yang memiliki seluruh di langit dan seluruh di bumi ;)

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Mehmed - said...

maha suci Allah ...bersyukurlah..