Saturday, October 24, 2009

happy bufday to meee!!!

Actually I want to post this entry at my birthday but unfortunately my roommate were not home..err room I mean.So I cant borrow her broadband…he..he..he..

I just want to share that somebody was wished me happy birthday with simple but sweet wish and it touch my heart…

It so simple that it made me almost cry…(huh terharu!!)


I know its exaggerating if I said it was the best wish for me ever this year…but who care anyway?

Thank you for the wish Mr. E,,,you made my day =)

I also got wishes from my beloved sister

Very simple…but I know she meant it

Thank you kakak!

And this message from my long term best friend =),,,I really appreciate what she said

Cause she’s like can read my mind and give me my super ‘painkiller’ of all things that I have go through rite now.. (Perhaps she telepathy me all the way from Terengganu..haha)

The advice

“Happy birthday my beloved friend. May Allah bless you, so that you become strong and stronger to reach your goal in life and akhirat. I always pray that you will be able to continue your journey with proud and wisdom for your ‘mak and abah’.

Happy anniversary yanyan..wish you happy and prosperous life .InsyaAllah.Ikhlas..Laila.”

and my friends here also celebrates me with big surprise....

but i'll update you with that later...sebab sekarang belom upload itu gambar lagi...

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