Thursday, October 8, 2009

Tidak Sesuai Untuk Tatapan Umum

Dear Mr. L

I’m so sorrrrryyy that I call u L and bitching behind u.

i'm just tired with u, u know....

If we don’t satisfied or agreeing with somebody, didn’t we just have to confront them and tell them how annoyed, how angry, how unsatisfied us to them?

BUT,,,,. What if such a person like you…..Mr. L,,,, don’t even know.. don’t even get a clue that people Hate you. People call you

‘cakap kosong,,,’. People are tired of having you around bossing but don’t even do a single thing.

Of course u didn’t know cos u don’t even have something that people called hati dan perasaan.

All u care was you, yourself and your MARKS!…how selfish! Of course u didn’t know that…


Mane u nak tau…sebab u tu LOSER!

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