Sunday, January 17, 2010


sometimes we did a very wrong assumption about others,,some other times others make a very wrong assumption about us, so why should we keep it in our heart? let it go right...maybe it was the best forget.but listen me NOW!i happen to read a quote by somebody, "believe me, i forgive but i don't forget.i will revenge."huh....

WHY ? is it so hard to forgive and let go?is it?i don't know about you, but i am quiet sure that i would not revenge whoever i forgive for what they did wrong to me.i believe that a person who always want revenge fill their heart with avenge..and hatred.It is not good you least it wasn't the way i was brought up to.because this feeling will rotten up in your heart and when it does..the space for love will be a tiny spaces which would not able to accommodate an overflowing love from others around you...

yah it sound so cliche, so what? LOVE doesn't matter for you anymore? there's nobody you can trust anymore? not even your mom? your dad?

if so..there's nothing you can hope anymore? not even God promises of heaven and hell?

oh not hurt yourself that way, because in the would be you who suffer

so please..please..try to forgive and forget and believe there must be something good wait for us...if not today,,tomorrow.yeah..tomorrow will come with sunshine fill up our heart.and now :)

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