Sunday, March 13, 2011

Jauh Hati dengan Otak

i've been thinking to post this as my facebook status actually.
but nvm,i'll just post it here.

i'm now clarify myself as mentally abused.
by a long week of stressful works, loads of works,
design process nevertheless, never fail to give me the migraine and those headaches.
handling two tasks, with two bosses.
the challenges sure gave me a good adrenaline rush,
but perhaps not good enough to keep my focus still.static.unshakable.whatever~

worse.dah dua minggu tak jumpa mak.abah.
its a record okay, something to be proud of sepatutnya.sebab boleh tinggal jauh-jauh dengan mak abah.
tapi it turns out, makin tua makin tak boleh pulak nak berenggang dengan diorang.
pakat telefon hari-hari pulak.
pakat dah cakap "saje..rindu" dekat mak. (not used to it no a cry baby lah!)
pakat harap-harap mak ngan abah nak turun johor bahru tengok anakanda ni (berangan memang kuatt kau!)

mungkin.weekdays nih.pick wednesday,or thursday, depends on workloads, balik kampung,tak kira!

or else.somebody need to give me a dose of anesthetic, since the i've taken enough paracetamol and i know pretty well how my body function, aspirin sure wont do.i need anesthethic.okay?do you hear me?

kind of losing my way back home.

still at the office.

12am 13/03/2010

there's only one word could describe me myself and i now.


an aladdin lamp, yeah, at the top of the skylight.imagine that!
picture source : stolen.
keywords : aladdin lamp

mckk tower clock
picture source : stolen, from a weblog of one handsome journalist or analyst, cant remember
credits : that handsome man who take this picture, and google of course!
keywords : tower clock.clock tower
cessna.beautiful isn't it?now it gave me the idea of flying on my own wings!
picture source : stolen, from a cessna manufacturer at United States of America.cant links i'm afraid
credits : google, cessna manufacturer
keywords : cessna 50
okay those 3 pictures above, with a cafe,field and flying school.

now you understand why i said

there's only one word could describe me myself and i now.


right? :D

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