Monday, August 9, 2010

Lone Ranger kot.

To be honest i'm certainly not those architype student who stay at the studio 24/7 though i love architecture passionately and successfully completing my first degree in time.sigh.Alhamdulillah

I spending pretty much of my time around my 'colony' and my 'little world' which explained why there are few of my studiomates back in Shah Alam who doesn't even recognize me after a year study together mether lah.Not that i blame them for it, as me,myself and i lumrahnya is a 'loner' in archi world.mind world ye..bukan blogsphere atau biosphere atau dunia ini asasnya.

EH, apa i mengarut ni...(haha gedik kalau citer pasal architecture nak pakai i-you).Actually i cuma nak share a video yang i rasa sangat2 lah awesome boleh buat iklan petronas untuk merdeka or raya tahun ni.or perhaps Merderaya maybe? (merdeka + raya)

The Directors and actors in it are all my juniors back in Uitm S.I Perak. (oh how badly i miss sri iskandar so much that it hurts =[ )

Oh.the video is the winner for Best Multimedia Category for Rumi 2009.(yeah i tau lame baru nak letak dekat blog sekarang) .And Rumi is the theme for 21st Architecture Workshop which held annually every semester among School of Architecture from participating Universities (eh betul ke ayat i ni?)

petik quote dari dalam video nih (or should i say short film?) from Jalaluddin Ar Rumi

True Our Eyes Are Powerful
But It Is The Heart And The Memory That Sees

Close Both eye
To See With The Other Eye


manggosteen said...

nice vid..

yenyenpreng said...

share je :)
kredit utk director nye