Thursday, January 6, 2011

My Boss My Hero

I think somebody from 'the office'..somehow.stumble upon my blog
(eh?) 'stumble upon my blog'???haha trespassing kot.ngee.not did i care lah.
cuma SEGAN jek.hehe.see,i think i love my officemates.mereka macam sangat beraura ye.Bayangkan.

jam sudah pukul lima.oh its 5am to be exact..
anda sedang membuat kerja autocad yang aduyaii banyak nya.
then somebody, bukak lagu awie.
and sing it loudly like there's no tomorrow..
then ask me to pretending like i'm playing a violin
teeheeehee.pastu join ramai-ramai.

haha.naive.touched over simple things (- -")
tapi nak buat macam mana...teeheehe.

oh and my boss superb!
superb babe!he even best bud with my former lecturer at Sri Iskandar.
how i wish i was born during 70s so that now dah ada anak lelaki and brag that i once have Hijjas Kasturi as my lecturer.OH.certainly i couldn't make it since the boss tell me during his time, he graduated with 12 fellow batchmates.MALU seh ngan BOS.maluuuuuuu...
but i think i adores him :)
despite all obstacles.he is...afterall run his own campany now eh?GREAT!

haha.okay dah. 'BUAH HATI BETA'
his name is Fauzi Badilla.
go Google him if you want.
but keep in mind he's mine.
ala..nak buat macam mana (- -")
i think i'm in love with him. :)
Sorry Nisa'!

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