Monday, November 8, 2010

i try to be better..

and trying hard i may say to practice the theories i learnt for the past 4 years.


i've gather all information, 'muse', inspiration, ideas ;name it!
to make over my rented room.
u just wait.

i'm too excited yeah :)
i wish this will last longer..(?)----->since i've to wait for the next salary to do it.

here.some inspiration for you too :)

( usual i'm having a celcom love me broadband connection macam harrr uss) problem
i promise will put it up later.
okay bye.
eh followers :)
thank you.
you made my day =)


jijie said...

next salary yen belanja kite ye... hehe

yenyenpreng said...

ahaha.ape ni.jijie yang kena belanja kita lah!!jijie dah keje lamaaa..hahaha