Friday, November 5, 2010


though they said "Architect are the sexiest (men)"

yeah..they still brag about it tho this was like what..10 years ago?
:D (no offense my dear handsome archi friends.u guys still are err 'something' not sexayy to me)

there are really.i mean REALLY few things you have to consider before deciding to choose an architect as your life partner.

First : since they are the sexiest..they probably are still sexy after 20 years of blissful marriage with two children.Noted that ladies..because you may wake up one fine day to find that you are competing with a teenage girl who is doing her internship at your husband's firm.SCARY eh?not :)..
and you find that happen every now and then since his firm took intern every semester which equal to January intake.Jun intake.certain go for August intake and March intake..and that make you on guard's whole year perhaps for the whole life, SCARY eh?not :) 

Second : Its not 'really' a profitable job considering a Malaysian context and depend to who you work know..small firms with small scale project things and big firm with mega scale project things does really happen okay.we're not doctors.and lawyers.our basic salary varies.usually according to our firms or location u work at.and oh yes,,experience does really count and play big role when u are an Architect.u got that?Architect..not a junior architect, draftsperson, technical assistant, internship students and yeah definitely not anything near assistant architect (eh,touching)..

              so,if you have prepare yourself mentally and physically for any "sayang,firm abang buat recession," . "baby, this month kita jimat-jimat sikit lah ye..takde projek, takde u faham kan?" . "keluar makan?ermm i tengah sesak lah.boleh.tapi u belanja ok (couples in love)"..please,i have dozens of single and free 'future architect' on the list :D

Third : This world..really are a though, cruel, money conscious, high self esteem world. No hearts at all (exaggerate). To survive you really have to. must be. STRONG.WISE.AND YEAH UNDERSTAND (eh, that seems like the characters of the partner not the architect haha) but more or less it still the same. Expect unexpected..commons : late night works, stress level of people at 40s when his actual age is only 27, pokai, he's always right and you're always wrong especially if you are Office Management graduate. (sad but true) 

oh yes, i didn't know why i must post this picture.really i didn't know why...

this is what architecture done to me :)

noted ladies : if your man is an architecture student he may get few accidents, due to his lack of sleeps, his tomorrow submission dates, his arrogant + snobbish lecturers who said his design is just a piece of crap, his studiomates think he is one crazy guy (okay exaggerating again).

so the conclusion is (eh feels like a standard 5 student essay) Architects ARE sexiest.but please, no,no, and no to those illusions you get from immoral Hollywood films. (eh?) hehe (The Lake House was fine.yes i'm bias because i love Keanu Reeves) we are not living in a comfort apartment house or a stylish modern design bungalow like the one you see in those stories.Yeah your man may design you a distinctive rustic cottage but wey, marry a businessman lah.He can buy you a land.with a bungalow.with pets like horses.a fully furnished and come with maid(s) too.How heaven does that sounds? Still..Architect ARE sexiest. :)
Your choose.

So.Cikgu English.How is my grammar and vocab for my 500 words (sampai ker!) essay (preparation for MUET doh).Bad eh?Oh i really have to go back to school and learn

P/S:  this essay come out of my frustration because i'm suppose to color my Site Plan my laptop but i forgot i left my 'mouse' at kampung and yeah.i couldn't find any spare time to buy it due to my hectic (ke pelamas...) lifestyle. 



The Hetzel said...

I have no comment on ur grammar since mine oso getting rusty, boleh tu amek muet!hehe..aku pun xnak komen lebey2 kat topik entri ko, tkut nanti kena batang hidong aku snirik hahha..(ari tu aku da tulis komen baek punya.. aku malas nak log in, aku nak kai anonymous.tapi ko xde anonymous.tu yang aku komen lambat sket.dun blame me baybeh!) XDDD

yenyenpreng said...

ahahahaha...yeah.baru nak g jpn daftar muet nih.semangat kan.mungkin akan rajin menulis dalam bi lepas ni.sila betulkan mana-mana yg salah okay.

oh so?cane nak bg setting anonymous blh comment eh?hahah i love annoyingmouses :)

The Hetzel said...

pegi le godek2 mesti ade nyerrr! yeahhh anonymous is the best!! menyakitkan hati tapi

yenyenpreng said...

haloh.ajar lah.malas nak godek2.hahahaha