Wednesday, November 10, 2010

no title!entitled!

i'm not suppose to do this u know..
since i'm suppose to finish my work.
not intentionally (?) misuse (?) my office internet connection (?)

me tired
me having a panda eyes
me having  an unhealthy life..AGAIN?
(excited.ganja.excited.ganja.excited.pil kuda)

this is so damn thrilled.
i'm so not going to give up soon okayh
tonite i'll fight them.
stay till the sun come out of the blue sky
yeah.let me show you
what does it mean by girls power u crazy bedezupp, workaholic, archichenta boys!

and yes.
as i promise u before...

this is a view from a hotel at Brussel, Belgium..
was design by Rie Hirai an artist, a Belgian
and oy yes graduate from Academie Royale des Beaux-Arts a Bruxelle

so,what say u?
cool eh?
i'd really love those trees printed curtain!WALLA!

eh what?u think that caricature is pretty cute?
oh.okay (- -")  


The Hetzel said...

grammar nazi's coming to haunt you~~~lol. few :)

Melody said...

serius tak perasan pasal trees printed curtain kalau takde ditulis. that one yang atas kepala katil tu dah overshadow curtain tersebut. hehe

yenyenpreng said...

baby : me tired
me having a panda eyes
me having an unhealthy life..AGAIN?
(excited.ganja.excited.ganja.excited.pil kuda)
ini sengaja.haha.yang lain.sila.betulkan :)

yenyenpreng said...

Melody : ngee, kan :) tapi taktau nak cari mana lah kain macam tu nak potong,nak jahit!wee :)